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The Fic: "Loving Frodo", for Lorie

Author: Angharad001
Fandom: LotR AU
Pairing: Sam/Frodo
Word Count: 700
Rating: very soft R (for a little moment ;))
Summary: Nothing but romance and a happy ending with a tiny bit of angst. A story in drabbles.

Beta-ed by the very very wonderful, generous and dear mews1945 but I have fiddled with it since so any mistakes are mine alone.

Loving Frodo

In the two years since Bilbo Baggins had left his home on the Hill, Samwise Gamgee had made sure that he'd become indispensable to the new Master of Bag End.

He'd tended the garden and chopped the wood and tidied about the place, even if that meant coming up the Row long after the sun had gone down in the West.

But when Mister Frodo interrupted his labours and invited him into the kitchen for a cup of tea and some seedcake one late November afternoon Sam was surprised; and he realized that his endeavours had been noticed after all.

* * *

Sam Gamgee went about his work these days with a little smile on his lips, despite the scowl the Gaffer sent after him and despite the mutterings in the Ivy Bush and at the Green Dragon.

Mister Frodo had asked him to take on full time work at the smial up the Hill and the generous coin that the Baggins promised had almost silenced the Gaffer's displeasure at such an intimate and unusual arrangement.

Sam set to his baking and smiled to himself, and whistled, and was glad that his Dad had no idea just how intimate the arrangement was.

* * *

In the mornings, Sam was pleased when he found the kitchen stove smouldering still so that he had only to coax the life back into it and set a pan on top for eggs and bacon.

In the afternoons, Mister Frodo worked in the crowded little study and Sam knew better than to disturb him except for bringing in a cup of peppermint tea.

In the evenings, after supper when the dishes were put away, Mister Frodo read stories of the elder days and Sam listened with his eyes as wide as saucers and his hand on Mister Frodo's knee.

* * *

In the dark night time when the wind huffed and buffeted around the chimneys and the old oak creaked loudly and the rain spattered fitfully against the round window Sam wrapped his strong arms around his lover and murmured promises.

In the night time Mister Frodo dreamed and tossed and wound himself around the gardener as though he could not bear to let go.

And Sam tightened his own embrace and dropped a kiss on dark unruly curls.

And in the early morning Sam stroked milky white skin and kissed sleepy pink lips and rose to start a new day.

* * *

Samwise Gamgee considered himself unusually fortunate.

The gossip and displeasure had settled and diminished over the years and his gardens were blooming with small flowers and graceful trees and frogs croaking happily in the pond.

Gaffer Gamgee carried a sack of seed potatoes all the way up the Hill and stayed for a mug of ale and patted Sam's shoulder before he left by the side door.

And every night Sam lay with the Master of Bag End and gasped when he thrust into Frodo's welcoming body and stroked sweaty curls from a flushed face and kissed sleepy eyelids afterwards.

* * *

Daisy sent a dressed ham to Bag End by special post at Yuletide, ten years after old Bilbo Baggins left the Shire.

Sam set the table for Mister Frodo's friends and was glad for his sister's forethought.

Frodo frowned at the laden table and turned about so that Sam could see the crease marring his fair brow, "You've done so much for me, Sam; forgive me?"

"Ain't nothin' to forgive, m'dear," Sam smiled, "I'm glad to be busy."

And Frodo Baggins folded the gardener in his arms and kissed his ear and frowned again as the door knocker sounded outside.

* * *

Bilbo Baggins had gone there and back again and Samwise Gamgee had gone away and come home to the Shire and his world had changed.

Rosie Cotton had thrown some bitter looks his way when they'd first come back but she'd invited him to her wedding - to Miltho Proudfoot - along with Mister Frodo and most of Hobbiton.

Sometimes Mister Frodo cried aloud in his sleep. Sam remembered Weathertop and Cirith Ungol and the fiery mountain. Sometimes the darkness seemed immense.

When the wind blew and buffeted around the Hill, Sam held the Master of Bag End in his strong arms.

. . . fin . . .

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