Aprilkat (aprilkat) wrote in lories_friends,

Fic: The Healing Heart - For Lorie

Here is the fic that I contributed to For Lorie.

Although it was conceived as the second part of a story between ithiliana and myself, I think it stands on its own.

Title: The Healing Heart
Author name: aprilkat
Fandom: LOTR
Pairing: Frodo/Éomer
Word Count: 1343
Rating: R
Summary: Post-Quest, Éomer finds hope and healing in the wounds of an unlikely warrior – the Ringbearer. Follows Ithiliana’s “A Strong and Loving Heart.”

For Lorie: who has graced us with her loving heart

The Healing Heart

Again, a multitude of thanks to The Three Stooges - baranduin, claudia603, and trianne!
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